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Doerr Comic isn’t about VT-2’s Doerbird, it’s about flight students, IPs and staff that are involved in the process of producing Naval Aviators. 

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Primary Squadrons

VT-2 Doerr

The blackbird of VT-2 is an odd and high strung creature...

VT-3 Red Knight

From their weird, separate two story building across from the shared squadron spaces of VT 2 and 6, the Red Knights continue to behave like the Anti-Doerr...

VT-6 Shooter

Much like that friend who takes a million pictures captioned #Blessed, they will constantly tell you they are in VT-6 and why they believe it’s the best...

VT-27 Boomer

In the far-off lands of Texas, one squadron makes the Red Knights look like street racers. The Boomers of VT-27 have the longest time to train in Primary...

VT-28 Ranger

Riding along the fields of Corpus Christi, VT-28’s Rangers are always on guard. They are the fastest primary flight school squadron in Texas...

Helo Squadrons

HT-8 EightBallers

Living in the Southern lands of NAS Whiting, HT-8 is filled to the brim with confused students. Their patches are all over the place, and they’ll happily explain to you why in a long detailed recollection of their history. With so many different symbols to represent them, it’s no surprise they need an Eightball to answer their many questions. Instead of powering through the syllabus, they prefer to ask the magic ball whether it’s a good day to fly. Clear skies, no wind, cool day… “Try again later”… I guess you’re on standby now, Baller.


HT-18 Vigilant Eagles

Sharing a building with the ballers of 8, HT-18 is their moto neighbor. The Vigilant Eagles have a more intense reputation. Whether it be their time to train, the fact that they train to take out active shooters, or their tougher IPs, the Eagles look psychotic next to their baller brothers and sisters. They call themselves factory hands to further cement how they are pumped through like an assembly line. An assembly line of insanely motivated helo pilots. Take a chill pill, buddy.

HT-28 Hellions

In a tall tower (two whole stories), hiding in the shadow of the TW-5 building, the Hellions live separate from the other two squadrons. These dragons and devils make do in their isolation, sharing the few resources they have until a raiding party is sent to 8 and 18 to take maps and pubs. Their separation from the flight line makes them operate very differently from the other two, but forces the Hellions to stick close to each other. With a catchphrase such as “Get Lucky”, you can only imagine the buffoonery they get in to over there.

Multi-Engine Squadrons

VT-31 Wise Owl

Too cool to talk on comms, Wise owls are considered to be the birds that are chill and try to take everything easy. They may be a bit high strung from time to time with their fast paced scheduling, but they play it off cool. Wise Owls know they got the hook up in the naval aviation world flying multi-engined aircraft, so why worry? The Marine wise owls going through will learn to tame a unicorn C130. The Coasties will find out their EP list is significantly less than their helo counterparts, and the Navy Owls realize that you don’t always have to land on a boat.. unless they got assigned E2/C2..then they try to live it up with their other brothers and sisters before they get their face punched in the strike pipeline. One thing they all share in common is learning the phrase “per diem”


VT-35 Stingray

SSSSSsssssss sssssssssss sssssss. We don’t know why stingrays hiss, but from outside observation… this is their mating call. Stingrays have it a bit more rough than their Wise Owl counterparts and can be seen stressed out a lot more. You’ll find majority of these Marine stingray characters only contain future Osprey aviators and have already set the tone for being a weird outcast. That’s ok. They already embrace it with their hisses. Whenever you see a Stingray speaking in the comics, we’d love to see you try and interpret what they’re saying.

Jet Squadrons

VT-7 Eagles

Always all cracked out and afraid of pink sheets. Has a false sense of security every now and then but that doesn’t stop them from thinking they’re awesome.


VT-9 Tigers

Of no relation to the Tiger King in Florida, you can find the VT9 Tigers zippin around the skies of Mississippi with the VT7 Eagles. Arguably the slowest of the jet squadrons, the Tigers have lots of fun in their off time. Whether it be ping pong in the ready room, redneck water skiing on Dalewood Lake or a bonfire at a bud’s house, you’ll find the Tigers to be an easy-going bunch. Despite a lengthy time to train, the Tigers are always optimistic and excited to fly. For all they know, some of them may actually wing this year…

VT-21 Red Hawks

Red Hawk finds himself always being bothered by everything. He expects the worst outcome and when something bad happens, it doesn’t phase him at all. 

VT-22 Golden Eagles

Usually sad and talking about how pink sheets are happening all the time and jet land is nothing how he thought it would be. He is very envious of Redhawk and how everything is better on the red side of the hanger.
For a Golden Eagle, it’s all about time to train and what doesn’t make sense is what they’ll do.

NFO Squadrons

VT-4 Warbucks

Chill dude


VT-10 Cosmic Cats

Chill dude

VT-86 Saberhawks

Chill dude

Doerr Comic

Your only legal addiction, Doerr Comic provides a fun and hilarious take on Naval Aviation training. The Doerr Team believes in improving the morale of all who help train the future of Naval Aviation.

Doerr Comic is owned by Off the Grid Games LLC

© 2018-2021 Off the Grid Games LLC


Doerr Comic

Your only legal addiction, Doerr Comic provides a fun and hilarious take on Naval Aviation training. The Doerr Team believes in improving the morale of all who help train the future of Naval Aviation.

Doerr Comic is owned by Off the Grid Games LLC

© 2018-2021 Off the Grid Games LLC